Sail Ship Rigging

In traditional ships, this rope was sewn onto the after side of the head and foot of square sails and the port side luff of the fore-and-aft sails. In modern leg-o-mutton boats, this fortifies the luff of the mainsail, or the luff of the jib. COLLARS have an eye spliced in one end, are wormed and served with spun-yarn, and have a single block seized in the bight. WORMING. Wind a small rope in the cuntlines of the strands of cables, shrouds, or stays; and spun-yarn in those of ropes four inches in circumference and above.

Standing Rigging

COMB-CLEATS are semi-circular, and are hollowed in the middle to confine a rope to one place. RANGE-CLEATS are shaped like belaying-cleats, but are much larger, and are bolted through the middle. SHROUD-CLEATS have two arms, similar to belaying-cleats; the inside is hollowed to fit the shroud, and grooves are cut round the middle and ends to receive the seizings, which confine them to the shrouds.


The upper bights are designed for the eyes, and are marked round the middle, beginning at the inner one, with one piece of spun-yarn knotted, two for the second; and so on for the number required. Inside clinches are stopped, similar to the bends of this clinch, with small rope, or spun-yarn. There is much subordinate knowledge necessary before a person can either prepare rigging in the house, or fit it on board of the ship. Sailboat halyard rope consists of knotting, splicing, making of hitches, mousing, serving, &c.

Pass the end of a rope over the standing part, and through the bight, and lay it up to the standing part; and repeat it for two half hitches. MAGNUS-HITCH Take two round turns through the ring of an anchor, &c. And bring the end over the standing part, then round the ring and through the bight. Take a half hitch round the standing part, and a round turn above the hitch, which jambs tight. It is mostly tied to make fast the sheets of sailing boats. Lay the bight over both parts, and turn it over several times; then hook the tackle through the bights.

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